During the weekend of October 9th-12th, the Anti-Racist Action Network will be holding its 15th annual conference in Pittsburgh, PA. We areinviting all members of Anti-Racist Action as well as all anti-fascists who agree with our 4 Points of Unity (see the end).

The conference, taking place over 4 days, will include ARA’s annual plenary, caucuses and discussion on current issues facing
antifascists. Various workshops and several social events are also planned. Organizations will be tabling all weekend as well.

Please note that only Network-affiliated chapters will be allowed to attend the private sessions of the plenary. All registered attendees
may come to the public portions. If you are a part of a non-affiliated chapter or collective that wants to become affiliated with ARA-NET, please see the organizers as soon as you arrive. All friends of ARA are welcome and encouraged to participate in the rest of the weekend.

We are envisioning this conference as a gathering of all dedicated anti-fascists -whether in Anti-Racist Action or not – and would like to see this year’s conference include as many people and new ideas as possible. The ARA Network has had a very interesting year, with member collectives publishing multiple periodical publications, opening social centers, organizing demonstrations, and combatting local fascist groups. We hope that you will come and add to the momentum!

If you are new to anti-fascism, please come and learn from our experience (and help us open our eyes to new possibilities);

If you are a former member, please come and get back in touch with us;

If you are an unaffiliated chapter – for whatever reason – come to the conference, meet other antifascists and take the opportunity to learn
more about ARA-NET and what benefits there are to being a part of the Network.

Over the next few weeks, we will be confirming the details of the conference and will send out a registration form and more specific
details. For now, please mark the date on your calendar and plan to join us in Pittsburgh for our annual conference!

Hope to see YOU there!

In solidarity,
The Anti-Racist Action Conference Planners
[email protected]