Chapters are autonomous organizing bodies that agree to the Four Points of the Anti-Racist Action Network. We work together to confront fascism and oppression. Included below is a list of vouched chapters (chapters that can and have been relied upon by other chapters). Many other non-vouched chapters exist, that is not to say they can’t be relied upon and so this is an incomplete list. Chapters are free to organize themselves in any way they feel is most effective, Most chapters are open to new members, others are not. Some cities have more than one chapter. No chapter in your area? Start one today!


Anti-Racist Action Los Angeles / People Against Racist Terror
POBOX 1055
Culver City, CA 90232
Turning The Tide

Arch City Anti-Racist Action (Columbus)

Calgary Anti-Racist Action

Central Florida Antifa

Central Texas Anti-Racist Action

HARM/ARA Bloomington
Twitter: @IndianaAntifa

HARM/ARA Lafayette
Twitter: @IndianaAntifa

HARM/ARA Circle City
Twitter: @IndianaAntifa

Quebec City Anti-Racist Action

Quebec ARA Myspace

Rose City Antifa (Portland)

South Side Chicago Anti-Racist Action

Twin Cities Local 14 of the General Defense Committee of the IWW  (Minneapolis)