David Irving’s Website Hacked

The following anonymous press release is being circulated among various ARA lists. Solidarity with those who fight fascists wherever they are: in the streets or on the internet!

November 13, 2009

Anti-Fascist Hackers Destroy Holocaust Denier David Irving’s Website and Release
Private Emails, Attendee Lists

Hitler-loving Holocaust-denying David Irving’s speaking tour is being attacked on the streets and on the internet as he makes his way to speak on Saturday in New York City. We have released private email communications, phone numbers and addresses of Irving as well as destroy all files, backups, emails, and databases on his website www.irvingbooks.com and www.fpp.co.uk. We also released personal information on people who have attended the speaking tour, made book purchases, or online donations as a warning to those who would support people like David Irving.