Taken from HARM:

Allow us to present to you dear readers, another shining gem of the white supremacist community, Dustin Victory, the “Don” of the Southern European Aryan League Army! Dustin Victory is currently floundering in a pathetic attempt at creating a white supremacist street gang in Muncie, Indiana.

The one thing Dustin Victory has in spades are ideas for names for his little crew. There’s the formal Southern European Aryan League Army. It get’s abbreviated SEAL Army. He’s fond of further abbreviating it with alphanumeric code as 19/1. For a while he wanted to pretend that he’s in a real skinhead crew and copied the Vinlanders Social Club by referring to himself as the SEAL Army Social Club. Apparently no one knew who VSC was in Muncie, so now he’s copying…. wait for it…. The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense by referring to his white supremacist wanna-be bonehead crew as the SEAL Army for White Self Defense. Someone should teach Dustin what the word irony means.

SEAL Army 4 White Self Defense

Name aside, what is this SEAL Army all about you might ask. I apologize for the grammar, but I don’t want you to lose the whole effect. From the horses mouth:

DV Screenshot Website Liberals


 Fighting The Liberal Jew propaganda

The main enemy to the S.E.A.L. Army is the liberal’s. they are in the school system and in the media. they teach our kid’s Tolerance. what is Tolerance. Tolerance is a program that focuses on minority interest, meaning niggers, kikes,fags & etc. they teach it in schools and in the communitys. what they are doing is preaching white guild. no wonder why our white youth of today are a shamed of being proud of there white heritage and all the adchvments that our race have’s accomplished. to the mission to the moon and into space and back again not to mention the people behind the apolo missions where all white. tolerance dont want you to be proud of who you are. they want you to kiss the minority’s asses for slavery and the holocaust witch non of us had no part in. they lower our young womens self esteem by all the intellectual lies that seem real. they show a nigger kid in africa thats starving to death and want you to feel sorry for them when they can stop it them self by not breeding inless they can support them. we show no pity for homless or the starving people, there are jobs that you can get to make it in this jew controled economy. at the end who makes the profit? the jew bastard. if you fall into there lie’s then be prepared to have all your money sucked out of you and your pride and honor that you once had will be demolished. ya we are racist because we are proud to be white and face reverse racism every day by brain washed whites,niggers,jews etc. they make us hate them more and more every day!

WE DONT LIKE SHIT FORCED ON US!!!!!!!! (retrieved from the now-defunct SEAL Army website)

The capitalization is my favorite part. But, surely he’s just talking tough on the internet right? It’s possible, but according him, he’s involved in a lot more than running his mouth. On August 28, Dustin posted, “Beat the shit out of a nigger today it was great! 19/1”. The next week HARM placed an ad on craigslist seeking the victim of this hate crime, but so far we’ve not been able to find them online or off.

DV fb post hate crime

Classy fellow that Dustin Victory. It runs in the family. On August 13, 2012 Dustin posted this message: “when family members have a problem with me bashing gay’s, have enough ball’s and tell me to my face no just take me off your list cause I despise you and your sick beliefs, family or not!” Dustin’s nasty racist failure of a mother, Earlene Victory chimes in to tell some other relative how horrible she is for telling her son he shouldn’t beat up gay people for fun. The nerve! “I live in Muncie, Indiana. Bring your fuckin ass here and talk your shit” Later on, his sister jumps in and starts threatening people for talking bout her bubby. It’s priceless. That last name must be a curse.

DV fb gaybashing family arg01

(If you want to see the whole family feud, we’ve got screenshots. Pt. I II III IV)

Dustin took a bit of a variation on the common white supremacist path of using the armed forces as a means of gaining combat skills and training to apply to their racist crusade. Rather than actually fighting and gaining combat skills, he got a job as an Indiana Guard Reserve Recruiter at the rank of Sergeant.

DV uniform 3

It appears as if he’s been using his tax-paid position as a recruiter to recruit for his blossoming little skinhead crew. You’d think after that Hammerskin bastard Wade Page shot up the Sikh temple in Milwaukee that the military would keep a closer eye on white supremacy in the ranks. If terrorism were as big as a threat as our government tells us why aren’t they catching a very public and very talkative criminal organization taking advantage of access to military facilities?


Maybe his commanding officer believes it’s not a gang, it’s a “social club”. I can see as it would be confusing. Most gangs don’t advertise that they’re recruiting via facebook…

DV gang callout fb

In case you were wondering about those awesome tattoos, Dustin was kind enough to give us a rundown of SEAL Army ink on his old website.

DV website tats

The SEAL Army is already a joke. Before long, it will be a bad joke that no one remembers. It seems Dustin got a little attention today. Apparently we’re not the only ones keeping an eye on little bigot boy. According to a post from earlier today, Dustin has been having some problems with his playmates. According to Dustin, he “got into with some red’s in white pride group”. That’s right! Dustin has found him some communists in his white supremacist group.

As I type this, his facebook is still being vandalized by whoever it is he pissed off. I do have to mention though that if you can’t troll this winner without calling him gay, you should probably get off the internet and read a book. Work on that vocabulary a bit.

DV internet trolls

So Dustin has turned the public visibility off for most of his Facebook posts. He also took down the event information about the white pride festival he’s planning. Whatevs. We’re still sitting on quite a bit of intel on Dustin as well as two of his cohorts in SEAL Army. We’re wondering if his recent notoriety might cause some problems with the whole soldier thing. We’re wondering if that same notoriety might inspire some people to question exactly where Dustin gets all that spending money. We’re also wondering how the community of Muncie feels about Dustin’s drug-and-alcohol-fueled, gun-toting, rants about murdering liberals?

There are some things we would still like to learn more about and would appreciate any information you’d be willing to share, even if you don’t think it’s helpful, but especially any of the following:

1. You know anything about the survivor of Dustin’s hate crime from last summer. It’s possible they just don’t know who Dustin is. We’ve got a name and a confession, we just need to know who it happened to.

2. You know anything about any other hate crimes Dustin has been involved in.

3. You have any knowledge about Dustin’s using of military time and resources for SEAL Army purposes.

We also believe that there’s at most a half-dozen morons running around Muncie that thought pretending to be a big bad skinhead crew would be fun. We intend to release all information we can get our hands on regarding all SA members and associates. Hope you’re self-employed. Keep in mind we already know about two of you.

However… One time offer. Good til our next post… If you are one of those 4-5 morons and you’re interested in not having white supremacy come up when your name gets googled for the rest of your life, go ahead and contact us and tell us all about your crew and we’ll forget you exist. Or don’t. Whatevs. We’ll just make you famous like Dustin! (///)

DV gun

Dustin Victory
Don, Southern European Aryan League ARMY