Tony Ptak

The ANP are a “Political-Educational Association” group led by Rocky Suhayda (38564 Scott Dr Westland, MI 48186-3854 Age: 55-59 [email protected]). This group claims George Lincoln Rockwell as their founder, but there is no real connection to the original ANP or its successor organizations. The ANP are most recently known for coming out in support of the occupy movement, and sending their political advisor; John Taylor Bowles, to speak at high schools such as Worthington Kilbourne High School (1499 Hard Road Columbus, OH 43235(C) 614-403-8843) in which a faculty member named David Strausbaugh actually invited him.

Paul Kozak

The ANP have also recently added a “non-aryan sympathizer page” to their website. This is a page for non-whites who want to support the ANP. Of course being a member and attending events as a non-white person is still not allowed. This effort on the ANP’s part to find token supporters for their cause is not unheard of and has been used before by white supremacists to gain validation and legitimacy for their ideas. The reality is that fascism and neo-nazism are not an answer to class exploitation. In reality the fascists will only divide the working class further by entrenching nationalism, white supremacy and xenophobia,  and have historically attacked leftists, immigrants, and labor unions for their roles in undermining their nationalist ideology. Furthermore, the ANP may be critical of capitalism but are not genuinely interested in destroying it or living in a classless/stateless society. Instead they want a world that recreates capitalism and the state ran by, and for, their master race.

There have been a few on-line attacks against the ANP including one on Bowles days before prior to their annual xmas together in NC that exposed the leadership of the ANP,  released personal details on Bowles, and made available juicy private conversations between Bowles and several others.

In Illinois, some antifascists infiltrated the organization, and have learned quite a bit about the ANP, specifically the Illinois unit. Thanks!

From an email:

Infiltration of the American Nazi Party by some Illinois antifascists:


After contacting the ANP, as an interested Illinois based individual, we were put in touch with the Security Division/Illinois unit leader, Paul Kozak. After a few emails and a phone call Paul sent us to meet at Louisa’s pizza, a favorite for the Illinois ANP. Paul was a strange man with no social skills. He was a grumpy man who thought very highly of himself. Paul claims he is a private investigator with 15 years military experience.

Along with Paul was his right hand man Tony Ptak. Tony is from Lombard, IL and claims to sell autographs of sports memorabilia through ebay and out of his house. (indistinguishable tattoo on left forearm and another on left hand of a small cross)Tony was a more sociable, friendly character who did 6 years in prison for armed violence and aggravated battery after bashing and then stabbing Dennis Lindsey with a bottle on September 18, 1987. Tony claims that while in prison, he made a relationship in prison with Clark Martell, the one time leader of the now extinct CASH crew. They warned us that there was someone in the parking lot keeping watch and Tony claimed that he(Tony) was “packing”, but after hearing their supposed stance on guns and violence who knows what he was packing or if he was at all . We sat down and spoke for a while about what the ANP is, What they do and what they don’t do. Here are some of the things we have learned from our conversation.


Although the ANP claim to have 200 people, Paul claims to only know of 30 full members. Women are NOT allowed for full membership. They can only be financial supporters.  The way that you become a patched in member and move up in the ranks is by bringing in two people. It seems that the Illinois unit only have 3-5 members with Paul and Tony being the main players.


They consider themselves to be very legalistic. They do not condone even discussing violence.  In their eyes, anyone who discusses violence is an informant. They do not do arms training.


Illinois meetups happen in Dixon, IL through a guy named Tim and are at most, two times a year. Outside of that there are no formal meetings. Anytime a few members get together, it is considered to be a “meeting”. The annual Christmas party used to happen at the redneck shop, which is no longer ran by racists. There is also a national ANP meeting every year in Michigan, where their leader Rocky Suhayda is from.

Allies and enemies:

The ANP are allies with no one. They hate all other organizations especially the NSM. They say that the ANP “cares about every one of their members unlike other groups”.

During the tasty dinner date, in which they paid for, Paul and Tony were also very adamant about not dressing like a skinhead. They want members to be clean cut and normal looking, aside from at get togethers where they wear nazi uniforms.

After the first meeting Paul stepped out of the picture and handed off responsibility to Tony. Tony attempted to schedule informal meet ups and  provides you with literature which you are expected to distribute. Literature distribution seems to be the only thing the ANP does outside of their own circle of elitist nazi fucks.

Paul A Kozak (ANP chief of security)
One time member of ANSWP and NSM
cell phone: 847 877 6530,
5’9” 160lbs,

Tony Ptak
634 s Finley Lombard, IL
Alias: Tony Dio
Home phone: 630 495 0450
Age 46 (born June 1966) Sells autographs on ebay from his house. Done a lot of prison time.   Brown hair, tattoo on left forearm, cross tattoo on left hand, goatee, wears leather jacket, smokes. Also originally went to the NSM