Nazis not welcome: Antifascist victory in Houston

Yesterday, June 27 2009 in Houston, Texas, white supremacists intended to hold a memorial for a dead nazi creepball David Lane. Dave was a member of an armed white supremacist group called “the Order,” and kicked the bucket in federal prison in 2007 where he was serving time for the murder of Jewish radio host Allen Berg.
When the so-called “Aryan Front Line Skinheads” declared their intention to distribute copies of Dave’s racist rants in the Houston area, antifascists immediately went on the alert. The boneheads tried to be clever by waiting until 11pm the night before to post an actual location, but antifa were already standing by. The call went out, and in the morning our scouts were on location at the downtown federal building where the fascist goons planned to gather. Antifascists from around the city began gathering in a downtown park at 10 am. By eleven there were over 40 of us, and still no sign of the nazis.

With the boneheads beginning to look like a no-show, we marched to the nazi’s gathering spot to commemorate David’s death in our own way – with a large banner reading “The only good fascist is a dead fascist!” We stood in the pounding Texas sun ready and waiting, the different groups which had answered the antifa call chatting and bonding. With noon approaching and still no sign of the fash, we began to disperse, leaving scouts posted.

About ten minutes after the large antifa demonstration dispersed, a blue pickup truck pulled up and a woman with various swastika tattoos was spotted getting out with 3 goateed klansmen. We recognized the woman from our intel files as Kensa Chandler, a nazi bonehead who moved to Houston from Los Angeles several years ago. The scouts sounded the alarm and Antifa began to reconvene around the corner. Now about 25 strong, we rounded the corner and descended on the fascists before they even had a chance to finish unpacking. Still sitting on their truck preparing literature, the white supremacists were completely surrounded by antifascists chanting “Nazis go home!”

As they began to cross the street, we split into two groups and kept them completely surrounded. For about ten minutes, Kensa tried to give a speech about her murderous hero to an empty street, while more and more of the antifascists made their way back to the scene. All the while, our spirited chants of “No nazis, no KKK, no fascist USA” echoed off the tall downtown buildings. Finally, the understanding that they had been completely outmanouvered penetrated the thick skulls of the nazi goons. They got back into their truck and made a quick exit, without having handed out a single flier.

Houston Anti-Racist Action would like to thank everyone who answered our emergency callout and helped stop these cretins in their tracks. By confronting the fascists now, while they are scattered and disorganized, we keep them from growing to the point where they are bombing and murdering like their sociopathic “hero” David Lane. Shout outs to Houston International Socialist Organization, Progressive Workers Organizing Committee, Texas RASH, Sedition Collective and all the courageous individuals who helped keep Houston’s streets nazi-free!