We realize that the original communique for the Tinley Park incident and the hacking of Beckies email contains a lot of this information, but we at south side wanted to do our own post compiling all of her details in to one condensed article.

Beckie Williams (“SGAITHAICH”, “scottylass”) is a 42 year old white supremacist from Rock Island, IL. She is most known for being the lead organizer of the failed “May Meet” that took place at the Ashford House restaurant in Tinley Park, IL on May 19th 2012. The event, Beckie’s first and possibly last, was organized through stormfront(SF) and was said to have been open to all white nationalists(WN), although the group later identified themselves as the “European Heritage Association”. The event, originally only meant to be a meet and greet, eventually became a place to discuss economics as well, when it joined with Shawn Thomas Vachets (Kayden)”5th annual white nationalist economic summit”.

Beckie is on the board of trustees for Family Assistance for White Nationalists(FAWN), allegedly a member of Council of Conservative Citizens(CCC) and in May of 2011, she took control of the “Illinois Whites” SF group from “Asgard14”. Beckie is of Scottish ancestry and works at a construction company called Williams and Family with Francis John Gilroy Jr, who was arrested at the event for possessing a weapon (see bid schedule here and here). In the cyber attack on Beckie Williams, we learn that she has intimate relationships with several white supremacists across the globe, including event attendees Michael Gull and possibly Steven Eugene Speers. The latter was also arrested at the event on pedophile charges and multiple warrants.

On June 1st, shortly after the scuffle in Tinley, Williams claimed that she was leaving the WN activist scene, saying; “Because of the relentless harassment by the ARA TERRORISTS, my already tenuous health is being impacted in a extremely sever way. My only recourse is is to step away from activism for the sake of my continued survival.” Whether this is true or not we do not know, but it wouldn’t be the first time, and antifascists will surely continue to monitor her and every other racist piece of trash who made the unwise decision to attend this event.

Beckie Williams
1220 51st Ave. Apt 202
Rock Island, IL  61201-6886
State ID# 4525-9670-616W 
Birthday: January 16, 1970
[email protected]
[email protected]
Stormfront user: SGAITHAICH
Other names: scottylass