Smash the National Alliance’s racist rally and white-power show!

On August 24th, the National Alliance is planning “Rock Against Israel”: a demonstration of white supremacist Hitler-fetishists protesting against the white supremacist U.S. government’s support of white supremacist religious nuts in Israel. (Confused yet?) They plan to rally at the Capitol building from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, and then meet for dinner and a white power concert in the evening.

The National Alliance, probably the most organized and sophisticated white-power group in North America today, is calling for what they claim will be ‘the largest gathering of white nationalists at the U.S. Capitol in history’. Obviously that’s not true. Congress has a few more people than the National Alliance can pull out and they’ve been meeting there for a hundred years or more. But this probably will be the largest gathering of self-confessed and organized white supremacists there since the mass Klan marches of the 20s.

While any time recently the nazis have tried to organize publicly in angry working-class towns, they have been shut down and chased out, they’ve been given a free pass in DC so far. Over the past year they’ve held three rallies at the Israeli embassy and two at the German embassy. Their last rally had over 200 people with little to no organized opposition. This has to stop. August 24th will be a turning point.

We, as anti-fascists, are committed to planning a strong, militant, and well-coordinated response to the fools this time around. We’re tired of seeing fascist movements keep growing because many dont take fascism and the possibility of its emergence seriously. Sure they’re a long way from taking over the country, but 300 boneheads coming out to demonstrations, building bombs, dreaming about gas chambers and ethnic cleansing, is 300 too many. Different fascist groups like the NA are now strategically orienting towards some of the struggles the left and rev forces have been organizing around (fighting corporations, globalization, supporting Palestinian resistance and anti-colonialism), and we’re really bothered that they can get some credibility doing that because many of the people involved in those issues won’t take a stand and shut them down.

We will be organizing in several different contingents with various risk levels and levels of political and tactical unity. But the unifying thread is that we all recognize the need for a physical resistance to fascism.

It should be clear to people that we’re not going down there because we support Bush’s government or the Israeli government or any government for that matter. We’re organizing with one purpose: to drive the nazis off the streets and undermine their confidence and ability to organize, or even go out into public without getting a boot to the head.

We call on all who agree with this purpose to endorse this call and begin planning in their affinity groups for August 24th.

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  • East Coast Anti-Fascist Network
  • Baltimore ARA
  • Anarchist Black Cross Federation-Lancaster
  • Claustrophobia Collective
  • Roundhouse Collective
  • ARA Philly Firm!
  • Baltimore Anti-Fascist Action
  • Femme Fatale Collective
  • New Jersey ARA
  • Columbus ARA