left to right- Buhls , Heimbach, King, and Parrott

On Friday, August 23rd, Thomas Buhls (formerly of Knights party), Matthew Heimbach (Lead Towson University’s chapter of Youth for Western Civilization from 2011-2012), Matt Parrot (formerly of Hoosier Nation/A3P), and John King (A3P member who ran for Jasper school board President) of the Traditionalist Youth Network (TYN), protested outside of Boxcar Books in Bloomington, IN. TYN is a white supremacist and self identified fascist organization based out of Indiana and founded by Buhls and Heimbach. The groups mission is to provide resources and support to independent groups of high school and college students  about the “traditional” school of thought. TYN were met with rocks, apples, and other projectiles by counter protestors before running off to their cars.

Thomas Buhls
396 Country View Court, Apt. 13
Martinsville, IN  46151
[email protected]

Matt Parrottt 

Born: 1982, Paoli INLast known address:1145 Golfview Dr Apt FCarmel, IN 46032 (allegedly stale intel)Last known phone:(317) 324-8282Email: [email protected]Ideology: White Nationalist

From Boxcar books:

Thomas Buhls

“Racist, Fascist, Anti-Gay Trad Youth Go Away!”

On Friday, August 23rd a representative from the Traditionalist Youth Network at IU–a university chapter of a national white supremacy organization, came to Boxcar Books and announced plans to protest Boxcar on Monday, August 26th because Boxcar is a “Marxist organization”. The group posted images on their Facebook of a black figure being lynched with the word “communism” scrawled across it. They tagged Boxcar Books in this picture and wrote “Just expect us” underneath. They know we are their enemy, and they decided to attack.


Community members were quick to respond to the threat of white supremacist organizing in Bloomington. Over the weekend folks spread word to friends, neighbors, and local businesses, rallying strong support against TYN’s racist, homophobic message.

Boxcar Books opened on Monday at 9am. Several dozen people spent the morning at Boxcar writing letters to prisoners, sharing food, and making signs reading “Bloomington is for queers” and “Immigrants welcome here”. Students visiting Boxcar to pick up textbooks on the first day of classes were alerted that racist organizing is happening at IU and a great number of people called, messaged, or came by Boxcar throughout the day to offer their support. Banners against fascism were dropped on campus and downtown.

Around 2pm, four xenophobic chauvinists arrived at Boxcar chanting, “racist, fascist,anti-gay, Trad Youth will not go away”. Three of the miscreants were recognized by counter-protesters as folks from the local area including Thomas “Bullshit” Buhls, KKK Klansman. They were joined by Matt Heimbach, co-founder of TYN. About 80 counter-protesters challenged the TYN’s racist, homophobic, transphobic, anti-semitic rhetoric. The group was surrounded on all sides, sprayed with a garden hose, duct tape lassoed, condom-bombed with water-filled condomns, and pelted with “the people’s apples” as they ran away after about a 30 minute barraging.

Monday’s counter-protest was a remarkable showing of individuals in solidarity against racism and white supremacy. Though Boxcar Books was targeted for today’s particular action, this was never a singular threat against Boxcar or MWPP but rather an assault on the safety of all.

While retreating, wet and defeated, TYN members announced that they would be back shouting, “expect us again!”

White supremacists, EXPECT RESISTANCE.