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  • Against Fascism, Capitalism and the State – A communique from Anti-Racist Action on the battle of FTAA

    From April 19-21 anti-fascists from Anti-Racist Action (ARA) were once again on the front lines against fascism, capitalism and the state as part of the Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist Offensive in the battle of Quebec City against the FTAA. What follows is a communiqué on our take on those days. We make no attempt to speak for […]

  • Michigan Antifascists Face Riot Charges–Again

    ANN ARBOR, MI- The Michigan Court of Appeals reinstated charges last week against six antifascists accused of inciting a riot at a May 1998 Ku Klux Klan/neo-Nazi rally held in front of Ann Arbor City Hall. The charges had been dismissed in 1999, but were overturned on appeal from Washtenaw County Prosecutor Brian Mackie. According […]

  • Smash Hate 2002 – Make the Maritimes a Nazi-Free Zone

    On May 10-12 converge in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada for SMASH HATE 2002. The weekend will feature concerts, teach-ins, panel discussions, and a spirited march through downtown Moncton. Moncton is a center for Nazi activity and organizing in Atlantic Canada. There have been cross burnings, racist graffiti, and street confrontations with minorities and anti-racist youth. […]

  • Rose City Antifa Expose Nazi Trash

    On the night of Tuesday, July 7, members of Rose City Antifa posted 200 flyers along NW 21st and 23rd Avenues in Portland, exposing Julian Lee, a white supremacist who has been plastering that neighborhood—-amongst others-—with racist propaganda for months. Julian Lee lives in the St. Francis apartments at 526 NW 21st Avenue. We encourage […]