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  • White supremacist held without bond in Tuesday’s attack at Fort Armistead Park

    White supremacist held without bond in Tuesday’s attack at Fort Armistead Park A white supremacist accused of beating a 76-year-old black fisherman goes by the nickname “Hitler” and has a tattoo of the Nazi leader on his stomach that also reads “He lives,” according to police and court records. Court documents released Wednesday show that […]


    IMPORTANT: If you are attending the conference and need housing and food, you MUST fill the registration form out. The registration fee this year is $5-10. We will be providing housing for everyone attending who needs it, and breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday. ¡ATENCIÓN! ATTENTION! We are capable of providing multilingual materials for […]

  • Against Fascism, Capitalism and the State – A communique from Anti-Racist Action on the battle of FTAA

    From April 19-21 anti-fascists from Anti-Racist Action (ARA) were once again on the front lines against fascism, capitalism and the state as part of the Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist Offensive in the battle of Quebec City against the FTAA. What follows is a communiqué on our take on those days. We make no attempt to speak for […]

  • Michigan Antifascists Face Riot Charges–Again

    ANN ARBOR, MI- The Michigan Court of Appeals reinstated charges last week against six antifascists accused of inciting a riot at a May 1998 Ku Klux Klan/neo-Nazi rally held in front of Ann Arbor City Hall. The charges had been dismissed in 1999, but were overturned on appeal from Washtenaw County Prosecutor Brian Mackie. According […]