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  • Callout to Confront INSF “White Pride World Wide” March in Chicago

    On March 21st, 2010 the Illinois National Socialist Front is planning to march in Chicago for what they call “White Pride World Wide”. South Side Anti-Racist Action is making plans to confront the march to let them know that they are not welcome in our city. March 21st is recognized as International Day for the […]


    During the weekend of October 9th-12th, the Anti-Racist Action Network will be holding its 15th annual conference in Pittsburgh, PA. We areinviting all members of Anti-Racist Action as well as all anti-fascists who agree with our 4 Points of Unity (see the end). The conference, taking place over 4 days, will include ARA’s annual plenary, […]

  • Local Anti-Racist Shot in Downtown Portland

    Shortly after midnight on Saturday, March 27, a man was brutally attacked in the heart of downtown Portland. His attacker shot him and left him lying in the street. He is currently fighting to overcome extensive injuries. It is no secret that this man, Luke Querner, is a long-time anti-fascist activist. He has devoted over […]

  • On The Prowl reboot

    On The Prowl was a publication formerly distributed by the Anti-Racist Action chapter in Toronto. In tribute, we have used the name for this blog (and for an accompanying yet to be published print version). On The Prowl was initiated to report on international anarchist news with a focus on anti-fascist and anti-racist organizing in […]

  • Running Up That Hill (and Out of This Town): NYC Humiliates David Irving

    David Irving’s fall 2009 east coast tour should have simply been called diarrhea, because his shit’s not too solid. After being shut down in New Jersey, we New Yorkers really felt the pressure to give the holocaust revisionist and Hitler apologist an event to remember. Thanks to the efforts of a few local community groups […]

  • New Yorkers Against David Irving claims victory against Holocaust revisionist David Irving.

    Irving was scheduled to speak on November 14th at the Catholic Kolping Society on East 88th Street. Concerned citizens, including New Yorkers Against David Irving, made several calls to the venue, explaining who David Irving is and why he was hiding behind a fictitious name in order to reserve space at their facility. Further, they […]

  • White supremacist held without bond in Tuesday’s attack at Fort Armistead Park

    White supremacist held without bond in Tuesday’s attack at Fort Armistead Park A white supremacist accused of beating a 76-year-old black fisherman goes by the nickname “Hitler” and has a tattoo of the Nazi leader on his stomach that also reads “He lives,” according to police and court records. Court documents released Wednesday show that […]


    IMPORTANT: If you are attending the conference and need housing and food, you MUST fill the registration form out. The registration fee this year is $5-10. We will be providing housing for everyone attending who needs it, and breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday. ¡ATENCIÓN! ATTENTION! We are capable of providing multilingual materials for […]

  • Against Fascism, Capitalism and the State – A communique from Anti-Racist Action on the battle of FTAA

    From April 19-21 anti-fascists from Anti-Racist Action (ARA) were once again on the front lines against fascism, capitalism and the state as part of the Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist Offensive in the battle of Quebec City against the FTAA. What follows is a communiqué on our take on those days. We make no attempt to speak for […]

  • Michigan Antifascists Face Riot Charges–Again

    ANN ARBOR, MI- The Michigan Court of Appeals reinstated charges last week against six antifascists accused of inciting a riot at a May 1998 Ku Klux Klan/neo-Nazi rally held in front of Ann Arbor City Hall. The charges had been dismissed in 1999, but were overturned on appeal from Washtenaw County Prosecutor Brian Mackie. According […]