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  • This Is Hub City Anti-Racist Action

    THIS IS HUB CITY ANTI-RACIST ACTIONWE EXPOSE active racist, fascist, anti-gay, and anti-woman individuals and groups in Central NJ and the surrounding area. We won’t allow our enemies to plan their war on us in secret. WE OPPOSE their events, meetings, fundraising measures, and media outlets. Fascism must be smashed every time it rears its […]

  • David Irving Holocaust-Denial Speaking Tour: The Show that Must Not Go On

    This July, David Irving, a British neo-fascist and fraudulent historian, goes on the road in the United States, planning to hold approximately one and a half dozen speaking engagements over the course of a month. As militant anti-racists and anti-fascists, we are making a public call for resistance at each stop along the way of […]

  • RECETTE POUR Action anti-fasciste

    Par anonyme anti-fascistes. Une version de cet article est paru dans le livre de recettes pour la prévention des catastrophes: An Anarchist Cookbook Ça commence toujours de la même façon. Des autocollants et des flyers apparaissent dans nos lieux de rencontre ou sont distribués de porte à porte. Les médias rapportent des attaques ou des […]

  • Recipe For Anti-Fascist Action

    By anonymous anti-fascists. A version of this article appeared in the book Recipes for Disaster: An Anarchist Cookbook It always starts the same. Racist fliers or stickers appear at local hangouts or distributed to people’s homes. The news reports attacks and acts of intimidation against people of color. Rumors fly about nazi boneheads hanging around […]

  • Sexual Assault/Mediation Protocol passed at the Baltimore conference

    Through long intense discussion and debate these proposals were hammered out and adopted as ARA protocol. We propose to reestablish the existing caucuses/caucus lists, including the women’s, people of color and queer caucuses. We propose to establish a men’s caucus to discuss issues of sexism and to create a safe place for men to deal […]

  • Starting an Anti Racist Action Chapter: The Beginners Guide

    .::Getting Started::. Had enough? Tired of racism, sexism and homophobia hurting people in your community? Want to do something about it? Consider starting an Anti-Racist Action chapter! Starting an ARA chapter can seem intimidating at first, and while it can be a lot of work, it’s fun and worthwhile, and much easier than it might […]

  • Statement on police shootings

    Much has been said of the recent shootings in Pittsburgh involving a supposed white supremacist that resulted in the deaths of 3 police officers. We would like to provide information on the ideology of Richard Poplawski and his friends and to also express our anger at the hypocrisy of the media regarding the recent events. […]

  • Breaking News: Nazi event relocated. Phone Jam.

    White Supremacist Event Moved to American Legion Hall Post 88 in NewHampshire! 55 South Village Rd Loudon, NH 03307. American Legion Hall Post 88 55 South Village Rd Loudon, NH 03307 The White Supremacist Event originally scheduled to take place in Boston, MA was moved to American Legion Hall Post 88 in New Hampshire, 55 […]

  • Anti-Racists defend PGH streets.

    Late Saturday night on April 18th 2009, Pittsburgh anti-racists became aware of members of Keystone State Skinheads gathering in our city. Through our vigilance we were able to monitor the situation and collectively defend our streets. Pittsburgh Anti-Racist Action has been monitoring Keystone State Skinheads, an organization primarily based in Philadelphia. This weekend’s activities are […]

  • Antifa Fliers Wappingers Falls, NY

    Antifascists fliered the neighborhood of East Coast White Unity memberTom Miles in Wappingers Falls, NY earlier this week.  Tom posts as “germcore88ny” on the and the East Coast White Unity forums. The next ECWU meeting is scheduled for Saturday, May 16th at 2 pm in his apartment at 10 Delavergne Ave.  This will be […]