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  • Information on the new Arizona immigration law

    For those who aren’t aware, the state of Arizona just passed a draconian, racist anti-illegal immigration law last Friday. Here is some information on the law, along with the actual law itself. under this law, if someone is undocumented and/or here illegally: – they can be stopped under reasonable suspicion (less grounds for evidence […]

  • Flyers

    Below are links to flyers that ARA has created. Please copy, print, distribute, and modify widely 😉 Pittsburgh: Texas: US Border Watch action; Austin, TX; Nov, 2006.[pdf] Generic pro-choice propaganda. [pdf] NSM action: Nov, 2006, full page. [pdf] NSM action: Nov 2006, quarter page 1. [pdf] NSM action: Nov, 2006, quarter page 2. [pdf] Nazi […]

  • Videos

    Anti-Racist Action talk at Macalester College

  • Nous sommes ARA QUÉBEC !!!

    Nous sommes Action Anti-Raciste (Anti Racist Action, ARA), chapitre du QuĂ©bec. (We are Anti Racist Action – Quebec chapter). ARA a des chapitres partout au Canada et aux Etats-Unis et connait une croissance rapide. ARA est un rĂ©seau de personnes ordinaires qui travaillent ensemble pour rĂ©soudre un problĂšme bien indentifiĂ©. Nous sommes dĂ©cidĂ©s a faire […]

  • Statement from Philly ARA concerning cancellation of One Life Crew show at First UU Church

    Philadelphia Anti-Racist Action (ARA) would like to officially confirm that the One Life Crew show scheduled for Saturday, June 6 at the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia is now canceled. Due to concern for keeping the First Unitarian Church a safe space for all, dozens of people from across the country – including members of […]

  • NSM Beatdown

    We found 41 year old “Spanish Blue Blood,” a self proclaimed “stormtrooper” of the National Socialist Movement and senior moderator of the NSM’s official party forum, sitting on a bus bench waiting for a crew that never showed. The second he saw us he split for the street but didn’t get far til we caught […]

  • Antifascists Shut Down Christian Identity Movement in Binghamton, NY

    On June 20th Christian Identity members thought they were going to show up to the American Legion on Main St in Binghamton, NY to hear a speech by racist, homophobe, anti-semite, and holocaust denier, Eli James of the Church of Anglo-Saxon Israel. He believes, among other things, that people of color are a pre-human race […]

  • Pittsburgh New social center has open hours!

    The Greater Pittsburgh Anarchist Collective’s social center is now fully open to the public. We are an anarchist social center whose goal is to further the anarchist movement in our city. The center is open to holding events whose purpose is to directly challenge the state and capitalism. We have a free store, literature, and […]

  • Statement on Anti-Semites and their Collaborators

    Recent events have highlighted the fact that anti-Semitic organizers in Portland, Oregon are relying on “Leftist” spaces and groups to tolerate their efforts and ideology. On Wednesday, June 10, Valdas Anelauskas, a self-described “white separatist” who is involved with Holocaust-denial circles, gave a presentation to a group of sympathizers in Portland, Oregon. The event was […]

  • Nazis not welcome: Antifascist victory in Houston

    Yesterday, June 27 2009 in Houston, Texas, white supremacists intended to hold a memorial for a dead nazi creepball David Lane. Dave was a member of an armed white supremacist group called “the Order,” and kicked the bucket in federal prison in 2007 where he was serving time for the murder of Jewish radio host […]