Columbus, Ohio Holocaust Memorial Reportback & Partial d0x

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At 9am on June 2nd, 2014, dozens of antifascists conviened on the Statehouse in the rainy downtown of Columbus, Ohio. Arch City ARA had verified through both online postings and secure intelligence that members of The Creativity Movement (headed by James Logsdon and Mark Martin), NSM, and Blood & Honor were planning to disrupt the dedication of the state’s new Holocaust memorial. The memorial dedication, which honored both victims and survivors as well as American liberators of nazi terror, was attended by 1500 central Ohioans affected by Third Reich.

In the week leading up to the proposed rally, Columbus was covered in fliers: some looked like transit reroute notifications, others were the official Arch City demonstration callouts. There were posts online and people talking, everywhere. No one wanted the nazis here.

When the time came, Logsdon and his rallied boneheads were nowhere to be found. Antifascists patrolled the perimeter of the Statehouse several times and eventually posted themselves at the only break in the police perimeter surrounding the event.

Coincidentally, this spot happened to be outside of the hotel where honored WWII vets were marching to the dedication from, and, in leiu of police protection, antifascists were asked to secure the street and sidewalk in case any fascists were to try and disrupt the event as they made their way to the event. Regardless of ARA’s position on police or the military, Arch City must express that it was an honor to be considered for this task, as supporting other antifascists is intregal to the work we do.

Shortly before the noon dedication was slated to begin, a car drove by and threw out four business cards in support of Cincinnati’s National Alliance coordinator Robert Ransdell for Senate, with URLs to both Stormfront and VNN on the bottom. All of the cards were quickly confiscated and destroyed by ARA members to prevent further distribution.

It is clear that Columbus collaborated successfully to prevent Logsdon, Martin, The Creativity Movement, NSM, and Blood & Honor from even stepping out of their cars after long drives from Illinois, Cincinnati, Covington, and Lancaster. To further prevent them from their reign of terror and attempts to grow, we now present you with the d0x anonymously forwarded to us earlier in the week.

James Logsdon
Leader of the Illinois Creativity Movement
(309) 530-1271
618 S Mcclun St, Apt 5
Bloomington, IL 61701

Mark Martin
Leader of the Ohio Creativity Movement
(937) 558-1478
9020 West US 36
Covington, OH 45318

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16 Years Later, We Still Don’t Forget: Melissa Hack Pleads Guilty, Implicates Others

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Hack pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to murder, and her agreement outlines the following details:

Melissa Hack, along with her brother, Ross Hack, John “Polar Bear” Butler, Leland Jones, Daniel Hartung and Mandie Abels were members of various skinhead groups.

Hartung’s name surfaced during the state case — with Butler’s defense attorneys trying to pin the murders on him and Ross Hack — but he has never been charged, according to court records. Abels secretly pleaded guilty in federal court in 2012 to one count of conspiracy to murder, according to a later unsealed plea agreement.

Melissa Hack said her brother Ross told her and Abels to meet Newborn at the Las Vegas body piercing shop where he worked, and invite him on a date in the desert. Newborn was targeted because he was a member of an anti-racist group and because he was thought to be sleeping with Hartung’s girlfriend.

Shersty was with Newborn when the women went to make the date. Ross Hack told his sister if Shersty came along on, he would “have to get dealt with.”

The women met the men back at the piercing shop, and Melissa Hack paged Butler a pre-arranged code to give them a heads-up.

Ross Hack, Butler, Jones and Hartung were waiting for them when they arrived.

The women introduced Newborn and Shersty to Ross Hack and Jones. Melissa then went to get a beer and saw Jones and her brother shoot Shersty. Newborn sprinted into the desert — Butler was on his heels, shotgun in hand.

“We just shot the guy, let’s go,” Butler said to his girlfriend when he returned.

The next morning Ross Hack told his sister she needed to go back and pick up bullet casings. Melissa Hack went with Butler and one of his friends, but they were spotted by people riding all-terrain vehicles.

The prosecution and defense recommend Melissa Hack spend 20 years in prison, followed by five years of supervised release. She could serve less time if her cooperation proves helpful.

Melissa Hack is set to be sentenced on Sept. 8. Her brother and Jones are scheduled to go to trial on Aug. 12. Butler’s whereabouts in the prison system are a mystery, suggesting that he might also be brokering a deal with federal prosecutors.

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CALL TO ACTION: June 2 – Creativity Movement, NSM, and Blood & Honor in Columbus, Ohio

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It is with both great excitement and some sadness that we introduce TORCH, an anti-fa network. Out of the old Anti-Racist Action Network rises a new, militant anti-fascist network. This isn’t a fracture or schism coming from internal strife but the result of the realization that the blueprint laid out in a time before the internet no longer serves as a sufficient model for combating fascism. We acknowledge that many of our comrades have lost much, some their lives, under the banner of ARA. Their sacrifices will not be forgotten and their fight is still our fight. Because of changes in the current political climate as well as our own political development, our understanding of what fascism is and how it relates to other political entities such as the working class, capital, and the state has evolved. We wanted to build a new network that fit our needs and politics. One that is more relevant and appealing to a new generation of anti-fascists.

We are still on the prowl. We will still continue to expose, confront, and act. Fascist beware… we are TORCH.

TORCH Points of Unity:

1. We disrupt fascist and far right organizing and activity.

2. We don’t rely on the cops or courts to do our work for us. This doesn’t mean we never go to court, but the cops uphold white supremacy and the status quo. They attack us and everyone who resists oppression. We must rely on ourselves to protect ourselves and stop the fascists.

3. We oppose all forms of oppression and exploitation. We intend to do the hard work necessary to build a broad, strong movement of oppressed people centered on the working class against racism, sexism, nativism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, and discrimination against the disabled, the oldest, the youngest, and the most oppressed people. We support abortion rights and reproductive freedom. We want a classless, free society. We intend to win!

4. We hold ourselves accountable personally and collectively to live up to our ideals and values.

5. We not only support each other within the network, but we also support people outside the network who we believe have similar aims or principles. An attack against one is an attack against all.

Loyal White Knights Of The KKK Leaflet Left On A New Lenox Township Driveway. Plan To Start A Neighborhood Watch

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Someone has apparently been leafleting for the Loyal White Knights of the Klu Klux Klan near the intersection of Cedar Road and Joliet Highway in New Lenox, IL. William J. Spears, the “Imperial Kaltrop” of the Loyal White Knights in the “Realm of South Carolina” claims they will be starting a clandestine neighborhood watch.

The Loyal White Knights are based out of Pelham, NC and are lead by “Imperial Wizard” Chris Barker and “Imperial Kilgrapp” Amanda Barker (might possibly be living at 1214 Carolina Ave Eden, NC).  The group is a source of much controversy amongst Klan types who not only dislike their ties with the neo nazi group knows as the National Socialist Movement (NSM), but also believe Chris Barker is an FBI informant. The Klan, although white supremacist, are not traditionally supposed to align themselves with straight up “nazis”(of course their differences are unimportant to us). As far as the informant rumors go, we are unsure where those began, and can not comment either way. Perhaps it’s typical conspiracy theory, perhaps it’s not.

With no previous activity that we know of from them in New Lenox, we can only assume it’s an individual or a small group of people trying to form a new “realm”. 

Taken from the New Lenox Patch:

A New Lenox landlady said her tenants found racist Ku Klux Klan leaflet at the foot of their driveway.

“Save Our Land Join The Klan,” proclaims the leaflet dropped in a driveway near the intersection of Cedar Road and Joliet Highway in unincorporated New Lenox.

Landlady Cassandra Higgins said her tenants alerted her to the racist literature and she called the county police.

Higgins said the cops told her it was up to the tenants to decide whether to file a police report.

“I don’t think they’re too interested in filing,” Higgins said.

Neighbors at two other residences near the intersection found the same leaflet in their driveways, said Higgins. The leaflets were delivered in plastic bags weighted down by small stones, she said.

Will County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Kathy Hoffmeyer said deputies have taken no reports with regard to Ku Klux Klan literature.

Besides admonishing readers to save their land by joining the Klan, the leaflet, which was apparently produced by the “Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan,” included a telephone number with a North Carolina area code.

The number is answered by a recording that says, “Greetings white brothers and sisters, you have just reached the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, one of the most active Klans in the U.S. fighting for equal rights for whites.”

The recording encourages callers who want to join the Ku Klux Klan to leave their contact information and closes with, “Always remember, if it ain’t white, it ain’t right. White power.”

Also Taken from New Lenox Patch:

A South Carolina Ku Klux Klan leader claims his group is finding new members in the

New Lenox area and plans to conduct a clandestine neighborhood watch in town.

“All I can tell you is we’re recruiting and we’re having great success,” said William J. Spears, the “Imperial Kaltrop” of the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in the “Realm of South Carolina.”

Spears responded to a query about Klan literature left in the driveway of a home near the intersection of Cedar Road and Joliet Highway. He said his group distributed the leaflet during one of its “night rides when we go out dropping off fliers.”

In addition to nocturnal leaflet distribution, Spears said the Klan patrols the streets looking for crime.

“If we see any illegal activity we report it to the police,” he said, discouraging the notion that the Klan would try to take the law into its own hands or act as vigilantes.

“They have nothing to be afraid of,” Spears said of the people of New Lenox. “I think they should feel very safe the Klan is conducting neighborhood watches.”

New Lenox Mayor Tim Baldermann was less than enthused by the prospect of a KKK neighborhood watch coming to town.

“I was unaware that they were Guardian Angels,” said Baldermann, who has never encountered the Klan before, either as mayor or during his time as the Chicago Ridge police chief.

Spears declined to say which town in the Realm of South Carolina he operates out of and also would not disclose the location of the Klan’s New Lenox headquarters.

“It’s a secret,” he said. “We’re the invisible empire. That’s our nickname.”

Spears was equally tightlipped about how many members are in the Klan’s New Lenox chapter. Baldermann questioned why the Spears was keeping so quiet.

“What?” he asked.


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From an email circulating on the internet:

“At about 5 30pm members of the traditionalist youth network (TYN), a fascist organization based out of Indiana, joined by knights party, gathered at 7th and Cherry in Terre Haute, IN. The group was meeting up with supporters before their protest against Tim Wise’s speaking engagement at Indiana State University 3 blocks down.

Within 5 minutes of arriving at the meet-up location, 9 white supremacists were confronted by 3 antifascists as another anti-racist waiting for the protest looked on. TYN’s leader Thomas Buhls received 2-3 punches to the face and had his mouth split open. Immediately after, one nazi was dropped to the floor with one punch while Brian Bryant, who hilariously drove 9 hours from Arkansas, threw his sign and ran away screaming as one of the antifascists chased him through the intersection. Another white supremacist also received about 5-6 blows to the head while being held by his shirt. Meanwhile, Thomas Buhls cowardly pulled out his pepper spray and sprayed the uninvolved anti-racist onlooker (also accidentally pepper spraying Matthew Heimbach LOL!!) as Matt Parrott, who was tossed to the floor, grabbed onto his leg and held it while curling up in the fetal position like a docile child. The anti-racist escaped his hold by punching his way out in self defense but then was later detained by the fascists and arrested. He got out the next morning on a measly misdemeanor battery.

Although the fascists outweighed the antifas, and outnumbered them almost 3-1, they did not manage to land a single punch. For a “militant street fighting force” the fascists were unimpressive and quickly resorted to cowardly pepper spraying someone and palling around with the local authorities.

Needless to say Traditionalist Youth Network did not make it to their protest on time, or in full cadre, nor did they “offer resources” to any students or student groups. After the day was over the antifascists reached their most important goal; to attack white supremacists regardless of the outcome, and to refuse them any safety in organizing.

White supremacist organizing will not go unchallenged.

- Solidarity to the TP5″


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South side ARA has moved their blog to Check there for intelligence on Illinois/midwest fascists as well as other things related to antifascism!


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ALERTA ANTIFA!!! Notorious fascist neofolk band Death in June is currently touring the US with 8 scheduled stops. Death In June promotes patriarchal and National Socialist ideas and uses fascist imagery and references to Nazi mysticism to spread fascist agit-prop.

DiJ has been shut down around the world due to their fetishizaton of extermination politics, including here in Portland when Douglas Pearce, the man behind the “band”, last tried to play here.

Even if you do not live in a city where DiJ is slated to play, you can still assist in efforts to stop this fascist act from having a platform. Show solidarity with our antifa comrades on the ground!

NOTE: If you want to hide your phone number hit * 67 before you dial the venue’s number.



Ben Riseman –
Owner/Manager of Venue






Further reading on DiJ and Douglas Pearce:


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left to right- Buhls , Heimbach, King, and Parrott

On Friday, August 23rd, Thomas Buhls (formerly of Knights party), Matthew Heimbach (Lead Towson University’s chapter of Youth for Western Civilization from 2011-2012), Matt Parrot (formerly of Hoosier Nation/A3P), and John King (A3P member who ran for Jasper school board President) of the Traditionalist Youth Network (TYN), protested outside of Boxcar Books in Bloomington, IN. TYN is a white supremacist and self identified fascist organization based out of Indiana and founded by Buhls and Heimbach. The groups mission is to provide resources and support to independent groups of high school and college students  about the “traditional” school of thought. TYN were met with rocks, apples, and other projectiles by counter protestors before running off to their cars.

Thomas Buhls
396 Country View Court, Apt. 13
Martinsville, IN  46151

Matt Parrottt 

Born: 1982, Paoli INLast known address:1145 Golfview Dr Apt FCarmel, IN 46032 (allegedly stale intel)Last known phone:(317) 324-8282Email: parrott.matt@gmail.comIdeology: White Nationalist

From Boxcar books:

Thomas Buhls

“Racist, Fascist, Anti-Gay Trad Youth Go Away!”

On Friday, August 23rd a representative from the Traditionalist Youth Network at IU–a university chapter of a national white supremacy organization, came to Boxcar Books and announced plans to protest Boxcar on Monday, August 26th because Boxcar is a “Marxist organization”. The group posted images on their Facebook of a black figure being lynched with the word “communism” scrawled across it. They tagged Boxcar Books in this picture and wrote “Just expect us” underneath. They know we are their enemy, and they decided to attack.


Community members were quick to respond to the threat of white supremacist organizing in Bloomington. Over the weekend folks spread word to friends, neighbors, and local businesses, rallying strong support against TYN’s racist, homophobic message.

Boxcar Books opened on Monday at 9am. Several dozen people spent the morning at Boxcar writing letters to prisoners, sharing food, and making signs reading “Bloomington is for queers” and “Immigrants welcome here”. Students visiting Boxcar to pick up textbooks on the first day of classes were alerted that racist organizing is happening at IU and a great number of people called, messaged, or came by Boxcar throughout the day to offer their support. Banners against fascism were dropped on campus and downtown.

Around 2pm, four xenophobic chauvinists arrived at Boxcar chanting, “racist, fascist,anti-gay, Trad Youth will not go away”. Three of the miscreants were recognized by counter-protesters as folks from the local area including Thomas “Bullshit” Buhls, KKK Klansman. They were joined by Matt Heimbach, co-founder of TYN. About 80 counter-protesters challenged the TYN’s racist, homophobic, transphobic, anti-semitic rhetoric. The group was surrounded on all sides, sprayed with a garden hose, duct tape lassoed, condom-bombed with water-filled condomns, and pelted with “the people’s apples” as they ran away after about a 30 minute barraging.

Monday’s counter-protest was a remarkable showing of individuals in solidarity against racism and white supremacy. Though Boxcar Books was targeted for today’s particular action, this was never a singular threat against Boxcar or MWPP but rather an assault on the safety of all.

While retreating, wet and defeated, TYN members announced that they would be back shouting, “expect us again!”

White supremacists, EXPECT RESISTANCE.



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Taken from threewayfight:

“Fascism” means different things to different people. To help explain how we use the term, here is a a set of quotes from Three Way Fight contributors and people who have influenced us. The quotes don’t all agree with each other, and none of them should be considered an “official” position. Rather, they are intended to sketch out a general perspective and set of issues we consider important.


Fascism is a revolutionary movement of the right against both the bourgeoisie and the left, of middle class and declassed men, that arises in zones of protracted crisis. (J. Sakai, “The Shock of Recognition”)

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Fascism is a revolutionary form of right-wing populism, inspired by a totalitarian vision of collective rebirth, that challenges capitalist political and cultural power while promoting economic and social hierarchy. (Matthew Lyons, “Two Ways of Looking at Fascism”)

Competing with the Left

Fascism is not a danger because it is ruling class policy or is about to be adopted as policy. Not even because it could have major influences on this policy. Nor is it a danger because of the “rahowa,” racial holy war, that is advocated by some fascist factions. The policies of official capitalism carried out through the schools and the criminal justice and welfare systems are both a far greater and a more immediate threat to the health and welfare of people of color than fascist instigated racial attacks and their promotion of racialist genocide. The real danger presented by the emerging fascist movements and organizations is that they might gain a mass following among potentially insurgent workers and declassed strata through an historic default of the left. This default is more than a possibility, it is a probability, and if it happens it will cause massive damage to the potential for a liberatory anti-capitalist insurgency. (Don Hamerquist, “Fascism & Anti-Fascism”)

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

The left had better begin to deal with the fact that issues that are regarded a part of our movement; “globalization,” working class economic demands, “green” questions, resistance to police repression etc. are now being organized by explicit fascists and others who might as well be. Nor do we have a patent on decentralized direct action. That is exactly what the fascist debate around “leaderless resistance” is about. Finally, the question of who and what, exactly, is anti-capitalist remains very much unsettled. Some of the fascists take positions that at least appear to be much more categorically oppositional than those of most of the left. (Hamerquist, “Fascism & Anti-Fascism”)

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

The assumption that in fighting fascism we would automatically enjoy majority support has crashed — just look at India or Austria right now. As has the delusion that fascism built its movements solely on bigotry and violence. Even the Nazi movement not only strongly manipulated themes of social justice and restoring civic order, but built its mass base by a grassroots network of fighting squads, self-help groups and social services. What fascists did crudely in 1930 is being done in a much more sophisticated way today — as we can see in the Muslim world. In place after place, the far right is drawing on the energy of “anti-colonialism” and anti-Western imperialism. (Sakai, “Shock of Recognition”)

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

We forget that fascism has always been mainly a movement of the young. That many youth in 1930s Germany viewed the Nazis as liberatory. As opposed to the German social-democrats, for example, who preached the dutiful authority of parents over children, the Hitler Youth gave rebellious children the power to keep their own hours, have an active sex and political life, smoke, drink and have groups of their own. Wilhelm Reich pointed out long ago that fascism in practice exposed every hypocrisy and internal cultural repression of the old left. (Sakai, “The Shock of Recognition”)

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

While it intensifies oppression and murderously attacks the left, fascism also appropriates leftist anti-elitism in distorted form. In place of a structural analysis that focuses on dismantling systems of power, fascists portray evil elites as an insidious cultural or racial threat to be purged. For example, fascism attacks bourgeois values and “parasitic” business elements (sometimes, but not always, defined as Jewish) while defending the underlying institutions of private property and class exploitation. Historically, this approach has enabled fascism to tap into real social grievances, such as those of some middle-class groups who resent the power of big business but also have a stake in class privilege and feel threatened by working-class movements or oppressed communities below. (Lyons, “Is the Bush Administration Fascist?”)

Totalitarian mass politics

Fascism doesn’t just terrorize and repress. It also inspires and mobilizes large masses of people around a vision of collective rebirth in a time of crisis. Building a mass movement outside traditional channels is central to fascism’s bid to win state power. As a regime, fascism uses mass organizations and rituals to create a sense of participation and direct identification with the state. Fascism celebrates the nation, race, or cultural group as an organic community to which all other loyalties must be subordinated. In place of individual liberties or social justice, fascism offers its followers a culture of action, virility, heroic sacrifice, cathartic public spectacle, and being part of a vast social organism. (Lyons, “Is the Bush Administration Fascist?”)

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

I think many people look at fascism and say, “What a load of crap. How could anyone really believe that stuff?” Even many antifascists look at the fascist movement as a joke, violent, but a joke. No doubt the fascist movements have their share of the knuckle-draggers, idiots, and the politically inept, but don’t all movements have these types? I would actually say that in a real fascist movement, the more inept and foolish would be eliminated from the ranks. Fascism prides itself on ability, commitment, and sacrifice.

Fascist movements of the past were popular because they offered a total ideology with accompanying programs for action. Millions embraced fascism not because these people were stupid but because fascism provided a vision for social transformation amidst a time of international crisis. Fascism was able to mobilize masses of people.

I think this is important. The perspective I hold essentially sees fascism as a real movement of ideas that can draw people in and motivate them. It is an ideology and world view we are gonna have to compete with on more than a physical or military level. (Interview from Beating Fascism: Anarchist anti-fascism in theory and practice)


[B]y “revolutionary” the left has always meant overthrowing capitalism and building a socialist or communal or anarchist society. Fascism is not revolutionary in that sense, although it may use those words. Fascism is revolutionary in a simpler use of the word. It intends to seize State power for itself. Not simply to sit atop the old pile, but in order to violently reorder society in a new class rule. One cannot read “The Turner Diaries” seriously or understand Timothy McVeigh’s politics (he was slaughtering the federal government not the Black Radical Caucus) without facing this. The old left propaganda that fascism is “a tool of the ruling class” is today just a quaint idea. (Sakai, “Shock of Recognition”)

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Fascism overthrows old political elites and sweeps away established forms of political rule. It posits society as an organic hierarchy and rejects the Enlightenment principles of pluralism, equality, and individual rights. In the name of a fascist cultural revolution, it tries to reshape all institutions to embody a unified ideology imposed from above. Some kinds of fascism go further and revolutionize the socioeconomic order, too, as when German Nazism restructured the industrial heart of Europe with a system of exploitation based largely on plunder, slave labor, and genocidally working people to death. (Lyons, “Is the Bush Administration Fascist?”)

People of color and the global south

Two points: First, there is a real potential for working relationships and alliances between white fascist movements and various nationalist and religious tendencies among oppressed peoples. In no way does this potential involve the denial of the reality of white supremacy and racial and national oppression. It only means that the left cannot count on the responses to this pattern of oppression, privilege and domination fitting into its neat and comfortable categories.

Second, there is no reason to view fascism as necessarily white just because there are white supremacist fascists. To the contrary there is every reason to believe that fascist potentials exist throughout the global capitalist system. African, Asian, and Latin American fascist organizations can develop that are independent of, and to some extent competitive with Euro-American “white” fascism. (Hamerquist, “Fascism & Anti-Fascism”)

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

[T]he critical turning point now for fascism is not just in Europe. With the failure of State socialism and national liberation parties in the capitalist periphery, in the Third World, the far right including fascism is grasping at the leadership of mass anti-colonialism. (Sakai, “Shock of Recognition”)

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Mass movements based in religious fundamentalism and various types of warlordism exist everywhere in the third world. They often have anti-capitalist features and frequently these have a quasi-fascist aspect. This should not be surprising. The crumbling structures of the national liberation states and the fragmented and demoralized elements of the communist movements in these areas are more likely to be fertile grounds for fascist development rather than a force against it. The foreign control of capital, labor, and commodity markets distorts the development of parliamentary and trade union traditions. The form of global capitalism that dominates in the periphery of the world capitalist system is not healthy terrain for the reformist leftism that predominates in capital’s historic center. (Hamerquist “Fascism & Anti-Fascism”)

Men and women

[Fascism] exults in the violent military experience that is said to be “natural” for men, while scorning the soft cowardly life of the bourgeois businessmen and intellectuals and politicians….

It was early 18th century euro-capitalism itself that first redefined women not as free citizens and “not as patriarchal property of individual men, but as a natural resource of the nation-State”. Fascism exalts this, and makes of women a semi-slave resource of the State restricted to the margins of an essentially male society.

One part of this discussion is whether political movements or social phenomenon can be said to have gender. Yes, fascism appeals to women as well as men. Yes, Nazism owed much to German women, no matter how unwilling feminists now are to admit that. But we have said “men” so often when discussing fascism because we are being literal. It is a male movement, both in its composition and most importantly in its inner worldview. This is beyond discrimination or sexism, really. Fascism is nakedly a world of men. This is one of the sources of its cultural appeal. (Sakai, “Shock of Recognition”)

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

In an emerging fascist culture, the traditional forms of oppressing women become exaggerated beyond the point of recognition. The patriarchal nature of fascism places women in a particular class, or sub-class. Women become mere property, dominated and exploited by a male authority.

But herein lies the contradiction…. A fascist movement will draw its strength from both men and women. Hitler’s rise to power wasn’t merely the work of stormtroopers in the streets, it was made possible by the mass support of women. Hitler promised the creation of a cultural value system in which the contributions of “Aryan” women to the fascist German society would simply be child rearing and care of the home and hearth. A new proletarian slave class of gypsies, Jews and North Africans — made up of men, women and children — would handle the work previously done by “Aryan” women. All sexual elements outside of conceiving for the master race would be handled by state-promoted brothels. (Xtn, “Introduction” to Confronting Fascism: Discussion Documents for a Militant Movement)

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

While all far-right movements are male supremacist, they embody a range of doctrines and policies on women and gender issues — including some drawn from the left and even feminism. (Lyons, “Notes on Women and Right-Wing Movements”)


Fascism grows out of the masses of men from classes that are abandoned on the sidelines of history. By transforming men from these classes and criminal elements into a distorted type of radical force, fascism changes the balance of power. It intervenes to try and seize capitalist State power — not to save the old bourgeois order or even the generals, but to gut and violently reorganize society for itself as new parasitic State classes. Capitalism is restabilized but the bourgeoisie pays the price of temporarily no longer ruling the capitalist State. That is, there is a capitalist state but bourgeois rule is interrupted. (Sakai, “Shock of Recognition”)

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

The new fascism is, in effect, “anti-imperialist” right now. It is opposed to the big imperialist bourgeoisie (unlike Mussolini and Hitler earlier, who wanted even stronger, bigger Western imperialism), to the transnational corporations and banks, and their world-spanning “multicultural” bourgeois culture. Fascism really wants to bring down the World Bank, WTO and NATO, and even America the Superpower. As in destroy. That is, it is anti-bourgeois but not anti-capitalist. Because it is based on fundamentally pro-capitalist classes.

Fascism, in this slowly accelerating global crisis of transformation, believes in what we might call basic capitalism, o.g. capitalism. It is the would-be champion of local male classes vs. the new transnational classes. Enemy of emigrant Third World labor and the modern supra-imperialist State alike, fascism draws on the old weakening national classes of the lower-middle strata, local capitalists and the layers of declassed men. To the increasing mass of rootless men fallen or ripped out of productive classes — whether it be the peasantry or the salariat — it offers not mere working class jobs but the vision of payback. Of a land for real men, where they and not the bourgeois will be the one’s giving orders at gunpoint and living off of others. (Sakai, “Shock of Recognition”)

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

In or out of power, fascism is not a capitalist puppet but an autonomous force, whose agenda sometimes clashes with capitalist interests in important ways. Business support was crucial to both Italian and German fascists in their drives for power, and they in turn aided big business by smashing the labor movement, imposing top-down stability, and promoting centralization of capital. But as these fascist regimes consolidated themselves, big business increasingly lost political control: it lost the power to determine the main direction of state policy. In Germany, the Nazi program of conquest and genocide simply overrode capitalist priorities — such as exploiting scarce skilled workers instead of slaughtering them — even if big industrialists made millions along the way. (Lyons, “Is the Bush Administration Fascist?”)

Transforming class society

While usual classes are engaged in economic production and distribution, fascism to support its heightened parasitism is driven to develop a lumpen-capitalist economy more focused on criminality, war, looting and enslavement. In its highest development, as in Nazi Germany, fascism eliminates the dangerous class contradiction of the old working class by socially dispersing & wiping it out as a class, replacing its labor with a new unfree proletariat of women, colonial prisoners and slaves. The “extraordinary” culture of the developed fascist State is like a nightmare vision of extreme capitalism, but the big bourgeoisie themselves do not have it under control. That is its unique characteristic. (Sakai, “Shock of Recognition”)

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Fascism de-proletarianized Aryan society. Or to put it more precisely: it created an Aryan society that had never existed before by de-proletarianizing and genociding the former German society. The Nazis pursued Adolf Hitler’s evolving strategy, which was to simultaneously promote both techno-industrial development and the Aryan re-organization of classes. If it is the superior race man’s destiny to be both a fierce soldier and ruler over others — as the Nazis held in a core belief — then how can this superior race man at the same time be packing groceries for housewives at the supermarket or bucking production on the assembly line?…. By the millions, newly Aryanized men were shifted into military & police service and into being supervisors, office workers, foremen, straw bosses and minor bureaucrats of every sort. The new proletariat that started emerging was heavily made up of involuntary foreign & slave laborers, retirees, and — despite Nazi ideology about women’s “natural” place in the kitchen and nursery — women. (Sakai, “Shock of Recognition”)

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The German left communist, Alfred Sohn-Rethel… thought that the German fascist state and society were developing features that foreshadowed a new “transcapitalist” exploitative social order. The most important of these features was fascist labor policy where, in significant areas of the economy the distinctively capitalist difference between labor and other factors of production was obliterated. Labor, not just labor power, was consumed in the process of production just like raw materials and fixed capital. The implications are barbaric and genocidal and genocide was what occurred. But this was not the genocidal aspect of continuing primitive accumulation that is a part of “normal” capitalist development. That type of genocide is directed mainly against pre-capitalist populations and against the social formations that obstruct the creation of a modern working class and the development of a reservoir of surplus labor. The German policy was the genocidal obliteration of already developed sections of the European working classes and the deliberate disruption of the social reproduction of labor in those sectors — all in the interests of a racialist demand for “living space.” (Hamerquist, “Fascism & Anti-Fascism”)

Classical versus neo-fascism

Classical fascism took shape in an era of European industrialization and nation-building, competing colonial empires, and an international Communist movement inspired by the recent Bolshevik Revolution. Now both old-style colonialism and state socialism have almost vanished, while corporate globalization is shifting industries across the world and reshaping nation-states. Far-right movements are responding to these changes in various ways. They promote nostalgia for old empires but also right-wing anti-imperialism, old-style nationalisms but also internationalist and decentralized versions of authoritarian politics. They tap into a backlash against the left but also grow where the left’s weakness has opened space for other kinds of insurgent movements. And they promote different versions of anti-elitism, often targeting U.S. or multinational capital but sometimes focusing more on local elites. (Lyons, “Two Ways of Looking at Fascism”)